The North East Party - Standing up for North East England

The North East Party is a progressive and democratic political party which is committed to
improving the lives and increasing the opportunities of the people of North East England.

We campaign for fair taxation, the fair distribution of national resources and the
provision of world class public services which are fully accountable to North East
people through empowering regional devolution, accountable local governance
and effective representation in the UK and European Parliaments.

Formed in June 2014, we stand up fearlessly and independently for the best interests
of North East England and challenge all other parties at elections at all levels.

The North East Party is accountable to its growing membership through the annual
election of officers and daily communication through social media.
All members are entitled to attend our monthly all members policy meetings, our annual policy forum
and to stand for election to our organising Executive Committee.
We are beginning to develop a branch structure which will facilitate
campaigning at a constituency or council level.

At the General Election 2015 we stood good local candidates in four seats
Newcastle North, Easington, Stockton North and Redcar.
Despite being new and having very limited funding we received over 2100 votes.
Above all we enjoyed a very favourable reception from North East people and we
have grown in confidence and determination to do better in future.

The North East Party has already won two seats in bye-elections for Peterlee Town Council and we are very proud
that Cllr Mary Cartwright who made history with our first ever election success last December
has now been elected Mayor of Peterlee.

The North East Party already has excellent relationships with our neighbours in Yorkshire First
and we are forming contacts to the north with the SNP.

One day, we are confident that we will emulate the success of the SNP in making devolution work well
and in achieving the overwhelming engagement and support of North East people.

Please join us and join in.
The North East Party is a very exciting place to be.

The North East Transformed

One Strong Voice For The Region

 A Fair Share Of The Country's Prosperity

A Fair Deal Within The UK

World Class Integrated Public Services
The North East Party 2016 Manifesto.

The North East Party 2015 Manifesto.

Submission to the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee on
'The Future of Devolution after the Referendum'

We believe in Democracy and Equality
Everyone has a vote and everyone has a right to take part.

We believe in the North East.
With our own Party, led by us accountable to us we can throw off the tired old tags of failure imposed by others
and build our own vision for the place where we live. For a future taken into our own hands..,.
Join the NEP today.

The North East Party

Standing up for North East England




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